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September 30, 2013:
External battery demand for smartphones has been skyrocketing since these devices won't last a day if you run apps.


Travel Battery:

On a recent trip to NYC, my cellphone battery gave out from GPS use, texting, and taking pictures. I sure could have used an external battery that plugs into a USB jack.

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Additional Battery Power For Smartphones & Tablets

A few years ago, people were only looking for external batteries if they wanted to extend laptop power beyond the few hours you'd get with the installed batteries. Now, a generation of smartphones and tablets provide excellent computing power but poor battery management, so someone doing just about anything on one of these devices can run out their charge in about 6 hours. The external battery backup is a lifeline for people who may not be able to plug in a phone charger or USB connection. External batteries and power supplies are essential for uninterruptable power, emergency use, remote battery power, and to extend the life of mobile devices. People use batteries for laptop computers, emergency power in disaster areas, medical devices, and lighting. In the absence of a generator or other power supply, external batteries can significantly improve the useful life of mission critical applications for law enforcement, search and rescue, mining, and more. As an uninterruptable power supply for servers, computers, phone systems, and routers, external battery backup systems are a lifesaver when the power goes out but things still need to run.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Keep your batteries charged, don't let them get too cold, and don't buy cheap imported batteries that are more likely to explode.